Climate Week and Tree Week 4th March – 10th March 2013

Walking in Bradley and Dixon Woods in the Summer with the light speckling through the canopy

Walking in Bradley and Dixon Woods in the Summer with the light speckling through the canopy

I have been meaning to organise an event for Climate Week for months and last week I got round to it… finally. As a herbalist I enjoy being out in nature and I am lucky to live in Grimsby as there are so many different habitats in such a close range of my home. The coastline of North East Lincolnshire is beautiful, there is the Lincolnshire Wolds, open countryside with a variety of beautiful and varied walks and several woodlands including Weelsby Woods and Bradley and Dixon Woods.

My organised event for Climate Week is to clean up Bradley and Dixon Woods. It is a nature reserve and ancient woodland which is a habitat for many animals and plants. As a herbalist I feel at peace when exploring them and feel annoyance when I see the rubbish that is just left there which endangers small animals, chokes plantlife and makes the place look a mess. So I vow to dedicate several hours on Tuesday 5th March 2013 to cleaning up the place.

If you live locally and would like to take part the details are available here:

My creative Oak Tree Study painted in Acrylic on Canvas

My creative Oak Tree Study painted in Acrylic on Canvas

I was overjoyed when I found out that it is Tree Week on the same week as Climate Week. Whilst studying Herbal Medicine at the University of Lincoln I completed a project on Trees choosing the majestic Oak as my study. There are numerous oak trees in Bradley and Dixon Woods, it is a peaceful feeling to be sat underneath them in Autumn when the acorns are dropping to the ground and you can see the squirrels scampering around in a hasty dash to collect as much as they can to see them through the winter months.

As Spring is nearly here the woods will be bursting with buds, wood anenome will be growing and flowering soon and the ferns won’t have dominated the space underneath the canopy of trees, there will still be lots to see but it will give me the opportunity to pick up the rubbish so that people can enjoy the area for its stunning natural beauty – minus any beer cans etc.

There are lots of medicinal trees in Bradley Woods – several which are an important part of my role as a herbalist.  Hawthorn, Elder, Oak, Hazel, Chestnut, Birch, Alder and Pine to name several off the top of my head.  National Tree Week is an annual event which lets us celebrate all of the positive aspects of trees.  There is something special about trees – they have provided shelter, food, heat adn medicine to us throughout the centuries.

Try to plant a tree during this week – I feel that if everybody on the planet each planted one tree then we would be able to reduce the negative effects of climate change.  As we breathe in oxygens and exhale carbon dioxide it is plants which inhale carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.  They are vital to our atmoshpere.  Rainforests in places such as Africa even create weather conditions through their respiration – taking in carbon dioxide in the day and releasing oxygen at night. Darcey Blue a herbalist is quoted to have said “They speak to us in symbols, they root us into place, they make up large portions of our landscapes, trees are the bones, the skin and lungs of the earth.”

If you would like information on the medicinal uses of trees, how to harvest them and how to prepare them please do not hesitate to contact myself.

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