How’s your head? Hangover remedies

Ok, now I’m not one to go out often but I was lucky enough to get out to a pub last night to watch my friend’s band Dead Like Zombie’s.  People dressed up because of Halloween and the pub was raising money for the local hospice.  I had a great time out with friends, met new faces and danced so all was good…. until I awake fifteen minutes ago 😉


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As a herbalist I like to support my liver, binge drinking alcohol isn’t recommended (period) but when it occurs there are a number of things that can be done to ease the suffering (lucky for me).  What are your favourite hang over remedies?  Simple as it seems the best way to avoid a hangover is to avoid too much alcohol!!

milk thistle sliced

My favourite is a herb called Silybum marianum or Milk Thistle, it is a native plant to the UK which helps to support the liver (which is overburdened trying to process the alcohol chugged last night).  I usually take two capsules prior to going out, two on returning and two in the morning to give my liver a helping hand.  I have previously written an article about Milk Thistle which is published on my website if you would like to know how it supports the liver:

I also love eggs to help to resolve a hangover.  They have always been a big feature of hangover cures – how many have turned to an English breakfast to help them the morning after?  But did you know that eggs do contain a certain chemical (or active constituent) which is known to neutralise the effects of alcohol?  I do not advocate fried food but I can highly recommend scrambled or poached eggs (even with bacon) to help you feel better.eggs

One of the reasons why people have a banging headache is dehydration, but did you know that vitamins and minerals are depleted from the body when drinking? When we wee during a night out drinking we are losing potassium and we also lose Vitamin C.  You can replenish them with a glass of fresh orange juice. Why not add a teaspoon of lemon or line juice and a dash of cumin powder to really get you back in gear? Or you could whip up an easy vegetable broth for dinner to replace fluid and mineral loss.  Either way drink a lot of water to help to flush the alcohol toxins out of your body, support your liver and rehydrate you from all of the weeing you will have done the night before.

Do you drink herbal teas? I love them, do not be put off if you have tried one or two and you didn’t like them as they are all completely different and taste so much better made fresh than in a tea bag from a supermarket (although these still have some merit). If you have a dodgy stomach and feel sick you can drink ginger tea. A slice or two of the root in a glass of boiling water will soothe your stomach, ginger helps with pain relief, is antibiotic, antibacterial and also reduces feelings of sickness (nausea) – it tastes delicious too.ginger tea

Or you can drink a peppermint tea, great for an upset stomach; peppermint helps to soothe and regulate your digestion.  If you add honey to the drink it will help to ease your headache and help to rehydrate you.  Nettle tea is full of nutrients and helps to support the liver and kidneys or you could try a cup of thyme tea to ease your headache and queasy stomach more effectively and safely than many over the counter pain relievers.

Well, I’m feeling better already, I hope that you will find some relief too 🙂 have a great Sunday.