Wishing you all a happy easter

I am supposed to be writing about another amazing plant family today but instead I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter – I hope that you all have an amazing weekend planned.  I will be cooking lamb for my family seasoned with rosemary and thyme.  I will also be looking after my baby nephew so my sister can attend a wedding.

I will aim to write a post about the next plant family next week (before Friday) so that I can continue the series and finish it by next Friday.

until then….

Have a fantastic weekend.


Purchase live medicinal plants

Magical Mugwort

Magical Mugwort

The leaves are rarely attacked by garden pests and make a great deterrent for moths in a wardrobe or linen closet

The leaves are rarely attacked by garden pests and make a great deterrent for moths in a wardrobe or linen closet

Purchase live medicinal plants to make a wonderful addition to your garden http://ow.ly/rm9u8

Tree Dressing Day – Do you really apprec

Tree Dressing Day – Do you really appreciate trees? They’ve been around since the beginning of time and can be found all around us. Trees provide us with beauty and life: they are the subject of many causes and debates; and descriptions of their lush greenery is often raved about in fiction books.

The story goes that in the Himalayas the Maharaja of Jodhpur ordered men to cut down trees that could be used to build his palace.

But, a woman who might have been described as an early tree hugger, stood to protect the trees – and was axed down for her efforts! Many other women and children followed suit that day, and two hundred years on people from the area are fighting against logging companies.

Tree Dressing Day has been created because trees are taken for granted all the time. They are cut down without a second thought, and many animals end up losing their habitat. This provides us with a lot less oxygen too – an American sycamore can absorb up to three tonnes of carbon per year.

Even buying trees is a bigger responsibility than you may think – it’s really important to make sure your trees and shrubs are watered and cared for once you’ve bought them.

From the 7-8 December 2013 this festival will celebrate hundreds of ancient customs from all over the world. And there are lots of fun ways you can take part. Dressing trees with ribbons, shapes, lanterns or any other type of decoration that will make them stand out. So remember to use bright colours!

Activities like dancing and storytelling are also a great way to celebrate different cultures together. You can also find ancient tree myths and stories at the website as well of lots of ideas for celebrating the day.

Steps to Walking

Sophie has written a fantastic article about the benefits of walking and how you can introduce it into your day to day life easily. I have to share this – to promote Sophie’s amazing blog and also to share the positive benefits of walking. Enjoy 🙂

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.
Friedrich Nietzsche

I think walking can cure all.

When I write that I realise it’s quite a sweeping statement but of all the exercise I ever get, it’s walking that I enjoy the most.

There are so many benefits to walking:

  • Gives me time to think
  • Gets me outdoors into some fresh air and gives me much needed vitamin D
  • Gives me exercise
  • I get time to see things that I wouldn’t see if I was jogging or in a car
  • Helps me to stay fit and healthy
  • Makes me feel good
  • I get to spend quality time with my doggie
  • It’s low impact exercise which doesn’t put any joints under stress
  • Doesn’t require any specialist gear
  • Can be done in any weather
  • Walking for just 20 minutes makes me feel great
  • It can be a very sociable or solitary endeavour
  • I…

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